Sunday, 15 November 2009

Naked Vinyl - Classic Nude Album Art Un-Covered

I wrote Naked Vinyl back in 2002. It was a World Cup summer, so naturally I had to fit the writing in-between games. This made for a frenetic summer but it was fun. The original idea for the book came following a conversation with Mike Savage. I was trying to think of an idea for an album art book and he said "porn". Hey presto, the idea was born. Being the prude that I am I toned it down a bit and set about compiling and proposing the idea. Chrysalis went for it and it came to fruition from there. A few months later the book was in print, with an American edition also.

The book should have had Jimi Hendrix' classic Electric Ladyland as its centrepiece but sadly we couldn't get copyright approval in time. I also meant to include a reggae section in the book but it went awry due to a condition called momentary cranial stupidium that I occasionally suffer from.

This blog brings the whole project up to date. It includes some of the best covers and images from the book. It also includes some additional retro artwork and covers from the 90s/00s that I neglected at the time, to give the book a straight-up retro feel.

Some of the covers in the book are clearly controversial & through research for the book I stumbled across the dark side of the Californian Hollywood/sleaze/record industry. One of the label owners was murdered - I don't know the reason, possibly financial - & the man who now runs Laff as an online CD business point-blank refused to talk about what happened. I wasn't able to dig out any info other than press cuttings from the time. The text in the book doesn't adequately reflect this darker side, mainly because the info wasn't out there & detail was only dug up subsequently. I'll learn to write properly one day too, which might help. I think what happened, & that scene, is of time & place, & probably best left there. California is just as dark today & as porn has gone more mainstream, so it has brought this darker side closer to popular culture. The real horrors of sexual abuse are for all to challenge, & are tragically on-going.

On a more cheerful note: Naked Vinyl tried to be light-hearted - sex & sexuality can be fun. Sex is a fundamental part of the world. Love & family are all that are needed to make the whole thing whole. Till then, have fun.

I hope you like the blog. There's a few copies of the book out there still if you fancy grabbing one.

With thanks to Christine, Paul & the staff at Chrysalis.

Put your breast foot forward.

Tim, 2016

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