Saturday, 1 January 2011

NV the Blog

Hello and welcome to Naked Vinyl the blog. The blog accompanies Naked Vinyl the book, published by Chrysalis Impact in 2003.

There's a UK and US pressing of Naked Vinyl and it's still available through Amazon

The blog is based on the original book and split into themes/eras, starting with more recent covers and working backwards from there. The original book had a more straight-up retro feel.

There's also  which is a selection of every nude album cover I can find.

Hope you enjoy the blogs and happy ogling.

Tim NV

Sunday, 5 September 2010

90s Exotica & Noughties Sleaze

Naked Vinyl was a retro take on the nude cover and took a back seat post 80s. Happily this blog gives me a chance to bring things up to date. The 90s was the decade of the CD really, so the boldness of the album cover disappeared a bit. While the noughties brought its brand of sex and sleaze along with a vinyl revival and some tasty artwork to match.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Fausto Papetti - Raccolta 35

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Prince - Lovesexy

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Medley in Sax

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The punk aesthetic lent itself nicely to the nude cover. Sex, drugs and picnics with bold bolshy women, who'd probably hate all this.


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Go Wild in the Country

Maybe post all the copies to France?!


Italian record labels had few qualms about using a nude album cover to shift product. The prime Italian NV artists were Gil Ventura and Fausto Papetti, who had there sax-based brand of easy-listening sold almost exclusively off the back of nude and erotic album art.

18 Raccolta

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27 Raccolta

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Sax Club Nr 16

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Soul, Funk, Disco & Reggae

Soul, funk, disco and reggae were a set of genres that lent themselves nicely to the nude cover. Soul was sultry, funk flirtatious, disco unashamedly sleazy and reggae always had a little sass to go with its bass.

Trojan marketed their early Tighten Up reggae comps with a series of sexy semi-nude sleeves, while these were preceded by the bolder Pama Straighten Up series.

Tighten Up Vol. 6

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Tighten Up Vol. 2

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Straighten Up Vol. 3

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Straighten Up

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Groove Grease

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